When life does not go to plan, you can give up or: Change Tack

You are 30 years old. You can’t move due to debilitating pain. You can’t breathe due to crushing anxiety. Hope lost. The life you had planned on. Worked for. No longer an option. What do you do next? Give up? Or Change Tack? Change Tack will explore what it takes to go to the psychological edge, due to the devastating impact of injury and illness, and search for a way back. Asking the question, what does it take to ‘change tack’ in life when life not only does not go to plan but breaks you in a way you never envisaged or thought possible?

When life doesn’t go to plan and things go awry. When everything has been taken. When your back is against a wall (or flat out on a stretcher). When you have been blown up, metaphysically or physically. You have two options: give up or change course. Change Tack will explore what it takes to change course when life doesn’t go to plan. Following a group of returned service men & women on a tall ship adventure, we explore what it takes to change direction in life after adversity. A story of mateship, survival and redemption.

Setting sail aboard Tenacious  – one of only two tall ships in the world designed to be sailed by a crew with mixed abilities – we follow a group of ex-servicemen and women who come together in an attempt to redefine their lives.

Undertaking challenges in an effort to reclaim their sense of self. Will the physical and mental challenges be overcome? Will, they find freedom from the past and finally be able to live again? A story of hope and recovery, that takes everyone on a journey of personal discovery. Answering the key question – what do you do to change tack in life when things do not go to plan!


A web series in collaboration with Mates4Mates and Jubilee Sailing Trust.