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When a plush toy T-Rex is assigned to care for a 27-year-old OCD sufferer, he must overcome his own insecurities in order to defeat the mental illness before his human gives up on life.
Alan, a plush toy T-Rex, has just graduated from Carer’s School. Top of his friggin’ class y’all!!! Self-assured, he’s ready to make a child very happy. But he finds himself paired with Matthew - a depressed 27-year-old suffering from OCD.  Alan adjusts to his unexpected charge and struggles to bond with Matthew. The OCD (aptly named Brian) has its metaphorical tentacles wrapped around every part of Matthew’s life. Alan begins to question his abilities, and his own insecurities emerge. Luckily, he finds an ally - 80s medical sitcom “Mercy Halls”. As he slowly grows closer to Matthew, Alan helps him win victories over Brian and move forward with life. Brian viciously fights back, not wanting to lose control. Matthew becomes more dependent on Alan, taking him to work and integrating him into his life. They are a team, inseparable. They can do this. But, Matthew meets a girl… Once again, Alan’s back to square one. Life’s PLUSHED!


Graphic artist. Dinosaur enthusiast. For years, Matthew has suffered from OCD and depression. He’s unable to separate the illness from himself. This series will see Matthew tackle his demons, learning to like himself.


Prefers to go by Pat. She’s a primary school teacher and life long Doctor Who fan. A friendship with a plush toy once saved her and she hopes that it can do the same for Matthew.


Mouldy has observed his fair share of human nature and daytime television. His last human died and he retired from the field. Suffering from guilt and PTSD, he has developed a nasty addiction to Iced Coffee.


Round, proud and a bit loopy. Caroline has been with the same human for four years, helping her to deal with Schizophrenia and four kids. Yep, Caroline needs a break.


Loveable, but a little cocksure. This series will take Alan out of his comfort zone and place him into a situation where he must continually adjust and… well… grow up. Pink marshmallows are his fav.


The BIG BAD. Although Brian exists in Matthew’s head, he’ll often be physically represented to the audience as a creature made from Blu-tack.

Cunning and manipulative, he is fuelled by fear and anxiety.

Alan is a plush toy T-Rex. He’s blue ’n’ cream, 30cm tall, stuffed full of love, wit and awesomeness. Alan’s just graduated from Carer’s School (top of his class) and is ready to make a human child very happy. He jumps into his Amazon delivery box, confidently smiling as the box is taped shut. On delivery, two painfully boring weeks later, Alan is locked up inside The Quarantine Zone. Escaping, he discovers that he’s actually been paired with Matthew Wilson - a depressed 27-year-old male suffering from OCD. Crap! The Quarantine Zone is where Matthew stores any new object that comes into the house, along with anything he owned before starting university. Alan tries to get reassigned to a child, only to discover that unless he or Matthew commit to each other, he will lose his Carers’ Badge and be shipped to a kindergarten or a pet store. AKA, hell on Earth.

The OCD, aptly called Brian, has its metaphorical tentacles wrapped around every part of Matthew’s life and Alan can’t reach him. To make matters worse, Alan is confronted by Brian’s physical form - made up of Blu-tack and very sharp implements. Gulp! Luckily, Alan discovers an ally - 80s medical sitcom “Mercy Halls”. An episode reminds him why he become a carer and that it’s his job to help anyone in need. Alan commits to Matthew and swears to defeat Brian. Alan, in his Sherlock Holmes outfit, carefully studies both Matthew and Brian, trying to work out a game plan. He reaches out to other plush toys dealing with adult humans, making new friends and enemies. This includes the neighbour’s dog, who wants to turn Alan into a chew toy.

Matthew and Alan slowly bond. Alan’s a handful and … well … annoying. However, he provides Matthew with a new sense of life and confidence. Matthew is able to finally get his dream job, but wishes that Alan didn’t leave empty cereal packets in the cupboard. Matthew and Alan win their first major victory over Brian - resisting stirring coffee six times (three in each direction). Brian viciously fights back, not wanting to lose control. But Alan and Matthew hang in there. The dynamic duo become inseparable, and Alan accompanies Matthew to work. It’s here that Alan meets Matthew’s new boss - an absolute jerk who continually tells Matthew that he needs to ‘toughen up’ and ‘grow a pair.’ Alan pulls pranks on him, nearly getting Matthew fired. This leads Matthew to slip back into some of his rituals, allowing Brian to take control again. Alan realises that he’s gone too far and reaches out to his plush mentor - Mouldy. He’s shocked to learn that his role model is addicted to iced coffee and is not doing too good. Mercy Halls helps Alan accept that no-one’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

He takes it upon himself to help Mouldy and lets the old guinea pig plush toy secretly move in. They team up to stop Brian from ruining Christmas by convincing Matthew to not put presents into Quarantine. A brave journey into the Quarantine Zone reminds Matthew of the past and he lets his mum visit for the first time in three years. Mouldy decides to go with her, so that Alan and Matthew can concentrate on defeating Brian. Exercising more and focusing on his health, Matthew decides that it’s time to be more social. Taking Alan out and about with him, Matthew makes friends. Poor Alan finds himself working overtime as Brian rears his ugly head at every turn. A serious bout of Dino-Flu doesn’t help his cause. It’s way worse than man-flu… Waking up one morning, Alan finds himself in a strange house. Matthew is nowhere to be seen. Narrowly escaping a squad of creepy porcelain dolls, he finds Matthew in bed with a human girl. Matthew has a girlfriend. Everything is going to change. Once again, Alan’s back to square one. He can never catch a break. Life’s PLUSHED!


The key target market for Plushed is 16-25yr old males. A key identified demographic for focus on positive social change with relation to positive strategies for mental health.


To enable accessibility by all the project will be distributed as open source, as a web-based series.


An integrated extended digital experience will be developed to create a world beyond simply viewing of the series. A key focus will be on developing a positive community to support and elevate.


An integrated, focused social media strategy will be executed to further develop a community of positivity, good vibes and plush toys.


An integrated, focused social media strategy will be executed to further develop a community of positivity, good vibes and plush toys.


Plushed commenced development in December 2017, following a considerable amount of 'life' planning by Simon.  Shooting in December '18 for a release in 2019.


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Simon. Writer/Creator/Director.

Simon is a writer, filmmaker and content creator. Working on a variety of corporate and creative outlets, his true love lies in film and television. He has worked in development with a number of Australian production companies including LUDO Studio, Freshwater Pictures and Like a Photon Creative. Simon’s short film 1848 won him best director at the Griffith Film School awards in 2011 and has featured in festivals overseas. In 2016, Simon was selected by Screen Queensland to pitch at 37

Degree South and to take part in Screen Queensland’s Podcast development program in 2017. In 2018, Simon received Screen Queensland Talent Development Funding for his horror feature script RED RITES.

Ben / DOP

Ben Cotgrove is an award winning cinematographer with credits including  Maddie & Marc, How to Break a Heart, Freudian Slip,, It's all I know and many stunning music videos..


Sam Weingott is a producer, content creator and co-founder of 2CM. With experience in feature films, television, corporates, educational content and TVCs, Sam has worked for numerous companies,. As a Senior Producer/Director, for QUT, Sam managed the media production team and created a vast range of content

For the past three years, Sam has been the director of the WEST END FILM FESTIVAL.


David Peterson freelances as a producer/writer/editor, working with production houses including Hoodlum and Freshwater Pictures. His YouTube channel has gained over 20 million views. Most recently he edited the Screen Queensland-funded horror short “Post Mortem Mary”. David loves to create stories that connect with people the world over.